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We Work Meetup "Start The Business You Love" with Samantha Keen

We Work Meetup “Start The Business You Love” with Samantha Keen



People who have worked with me have written books, directed films, fallen in love for the first time, and had babies, started awesome businesses, and changed their lives in ways that reflect their own fullness of creative potential.

I love to help people connect with the highest essence of their Being, and from there, things happen in their lives. Extraordinary, impossible, beautiful things. It all happens from the inside – out….

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I love to be the initiator of positive change, to help people connect with their highest potential, letting that be the guide for each person’s path in our work together.

My clients call me the transformation catalyst.

Transformation happens through caring, and deep inner vision. I will care immensely about you and your ability to create the best life you can. Even my best friends value my ability to speak the truth, and my passion for caring.

Through our work together, you will learn how to receive love and positive energy in your life, including dropping that old emotional baggage that has been in the way. This can often result in major improvements in relationships, physical health, work situations and sense of real personal connection.

Many of my clients improve their relationship to their own sexual energy, gain a sense of personal empowerment, embrace their ability to open and connect to their true sense of self.

I love to see the people that I care for really blossom and change in a positive way over a very short time. For me the most wonderful pleasure comes through helping people to get what they want in life.

See the testimonials for more from the people who have already worked with me.


Phone: 206 954 1717

Office: 2140 Shattuck Ave, Suite 411. Berkeley. 94704

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