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Sam_CropI want to share with you the story of how started my 90 day retreat program for women “Create the Life and Business You Love”.

I have worked with thousands of women around the world, in the USA, Australia, Asia, Europe since I became a practitioner in Inner Space Techniques, meditation teacher, and coach ten years ago.Very often I connected women to their highest self and their deepest passions, and then they would want to go out and bring this to their lives. They would have a project of some kind that they wanted to bring to life, or give birth to.

Many women who have worked with me have had books published, started businesses and even started a family. So I decided to focus in on the women starting a business they really love, because that is something that also drives me.

I was a financial journalist in the wire industry in Australia in my twenties, reporting on all kinds of business, finance, markets, corporations and even accounting. I was a successful financial journalist working in Sydney and London for over 12 years. I began as a financial journalist in Sydney, Australia working in the Wire Industry which included companies like Dow Jones News Wire, Australian Associated Press (AAP) and in London for AFX News (half owned by the Financial Times and Agence France Press).

Jumping from a full time to job in financial journalism to working as a freelance journalist was a big change as essentially I worked for myself and I had to create my own contacts, sell my services, do my own accounts and so on.

I was successful as a freelance journalist, traveling around the world and supporting my own journey as a spiritual seeker. I was able to train full time with a meditation school, the Clairvision School of meditation.

Then I started a business as a practitioner in the Clairvision Inner Space Techniques. I worked in Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, the UK and Germany, mainly focusing on women with chronic fatigue and burnout. I also presented workshops to in corporations,

Immigrating to the USA and working six years as a practitioner, business partner and co-ordinating a community of meditation students was another big jump. I was sponsored to get my Greencard and after six years in New York, moved to California.

I came to a place where I can live my dream – Helping female business owners and entrepreneurs to break through creative blocks and live their full potential.

It was not always like this.

In the middle of my career as a financial journalist I became very sick with a little known and hard to define illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. In much frustration after a year of seeing many doctors without any real answers, I moved to London.

When I was climbing the Alps in France I felt great, but my symptoms returned 10-fold when I began working in a great job as a financial journalist in London. I was married to a wonderful man, I was on the career path I had fought to gain, and I was so ill and so depressed I had to do something.

Again, I traveled, but this time to a third world country, the one where I was born. Returning to my birth country, Malawi in Africa was eye opening, challenging, and liberating. In fact it was a spiritual awakening.

From the first time that I sat with Buddhist monks in London to learn the Mettha Bhavana meditation, I knew I was back on my path to come home – the home inside my heart.

As my heart opened, and I felt the warmth of presence I began to know that home was an experience inside of myself, rather than somewhere or something outside of me that I would perpetually need to chase after.

After two years and a lot of intensive meditation in the UK and in Australia (weeks and weeks of silence sometimes in bliss, sometimes in my own personal hell), I began to see that the illness I was afflicted with was probably more energetic than emotional or physical. I did not know what that meant. I was not someone who knew much about spirituality or alternative health past homeopathy and western herbs.

At the same time, I needed a school of meditation where I could talk about my experiences, have context, and find out how to deal with emotions, physical symptoms, and state of bliss. The school were I was studying discouraged any talk about experiences, as we were supposed to ignore everything and just keep going.

I decided to look for a school of meditation where I might understand more about experiences of consciousness and learn something about the energy I was observing in my body.

When I found this work that I do now with the Clairvision School of meditation, I knew it was going to work, and it did. I threw myself into it with all of my heart and after five years of intensive practices began to work as a practitioner around the world.

I now live in the USA, having run a successful practitioner business helping thousands of clients and running many group workshops in New York and the East Coast of USA and Canada. In 2015 I moved to the Bay Area in California, where I plan to stay.

I finally found my home on the outside and the inside, as well as have the great fortune to do the work that I really love and continue to grow in transformation and in life.

I am so excited to bring all of this life and business experience to my program: years of working in the media, working in online media, running my own conscious business, moving countries, moving continents, deep inner work over many years, thousands of client sessions, having run many retreats for people of all kinds, been integral in building communities that lasted and my passion for creativity. I also bring the study my Bachelor of Arts which included a lot of Economics, Commerce, and English Literature and Master of Arts (writing) including online writing.


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  1. Samantha,

    It has been a long time. This blog feel gorgeous. This window into your experiences as a woman is refreshing and like looking at a lush garden. So many flowers, trees, objects of beauty, little and great loves, fascinating. I feel like a child entering the garden discovering a new worm-excitement and wonder and insight-as I read your pieces!

    • Hi Michelle
      thank you! yes it has been a long time, and your comments are super helpful thank you :))

  2. Hi Samantha–You are doing great work in a field you were meant to pursue! Your work is so needed in these days. It is a pleasure to know you as a colleague.

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