Finding Meaning, Experiencing Grace

Dear Friends,

I am inspired to share with you today. I have so much to share, many insights and offerings. But I want to start with something that touched me deeply on the plane yesterday, flying home from a client’s private intensive.

I read the New Yorker Magazine, my favorite, on the plane and found one of the best articles I have ever read. I am a writer who was a journalist for 12 years and I have to say that I am pretty fussy about articles, having read and written a lot of them over the years.


I was blown open by this article because it gave such an intimate view on the world of doctors without borders and what they face in out of reach war zones. Such a long way from my life, helping people in the West to transcend limits, to step into their highest self, to break the ceiling.

I love to help privileged folks, like you and I, to touch the depths of their being and step into it in their daily lives. This is awesome, but it is nothing compared to what those doctors do.

The article dives into the experience of surgeon David Nott who trains surgeons, medical students, and residents to carry out trauma surgeries far beyond their qualifications in places that are war-torn or out of reach, including Syria. This man is something different, a person of real light and truth and integrity. Read the article, let it touch you, see what you think of him for yourself. I challenge anyone to get to the end without a tear.

I was ripped open reading this article through taking a look at what has happened in Syria in the past five years where the government has assassinated, bombed and tortured to death almost seven hundred medical personnel, according to Physicians for Human Rights, an organization that documents attacks on medical care in war zones.

Doctors that go there on a volunteer basis seeing some of the most horrific things that have probably happened on the planet, and being treated like criminals for helping these people who are victims to the war, make my little problems look very insignificant.

When I look at something like this, I can only think of how lucky I am in every single way. Living in the East Bay of San Francisco as a resident of the United States. A white woman working to help people overcome their personal problems using meditation techniques. Being paid to do what I love.

I am humbled by the stories of surgeons seeing children come in every day with horrific bomb wounds or sniper wounds, their faces, their guts, their legs and arms blown away. Some dying awful deaths, some living severely compromised and some of them taken by the army and tortured publicly or behind closed doors. In the face of such horror and unthinkable danger they continue to work where possible to save people’s lives.

Every single thing about my life seems like a Grace. The question that I am left with is this:

How can I make the most of every single moment, every single day? How can I give back? How can I receive this Grace that I have been given, cultivate and nurture it, and give back to make at least some small positive difference in the world?

I am not sure of the answer, but it is a question from which I derive great meaning and when I forget about it, I am lost.

What meaningful questions do you ask yourself that keep you ontrack with your bigger sense of purpose?

I would love to know, please share or send me a message.

With love


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