Running a business from the inside out

Running your own business is vulnerable. Why?


Well it is vulnerable to promote ourselves, to sell our services and products that are really sold because of our own personal brand and presence. It is an experience of being seen, which is, at least for me, very raw.

When you live in the world, and create a business of your own, you simply cannot do everything that you know has to be done. And then you have to get out there and sell your stuff anyway even when your promotion materials etc are not perfect.

I find I can be out there acting strong and in my “got it all together” persona but this is not very receptive. There is another simple way of shining from the inside out, in a way that is vulnerable, embracing human, and not about trying to be perfect.

This way of shining from vulnerability is what I hope to do when I am speakingĀ at the New Living Expo in San Mateo this coming weekend April 29, 30 and May 1st. And then at FemTalks in Novato on Friday and Saturday May 20/21. I hope to be real and open so that I can shine my message in alignment with the highest parts of myself, attracting the people that I really love to work with and can give so much too.

My journey in running my own business using meditation-based techniques to help people transform themselves and therefore their lives has been super vulnerable. Why?

Because I am not perfect, and I battle with the expectations in myself that I should be perfect.

The only way around this for me was to learn to lean on others. Receiving the support of dear friends, colleagues, and even long term clients has humbled and opened my heart many times over. Friends who see me for who I am, business referral partners who support me and want to be supported by me, dear clients who love the work we have done together and nourish my business with their enthusiasm, all fill my tender heart with joy.

In almost 15 years of running my own business, I have learned to create and rest on community. In this, there is a moment-by-moment choice to be held in my imperfections, so that I can authentically go out and shine the fullness of my humanity and do the work I do best: bring the energy of transformation.

For me, going out to promote my work is never easy. Whether I stand on a stage or in front of a prospective client to talk about what I do, I feel exposed and kind of raw. Yet at the same time, I feel completely confident that what I do is absolutely amazing and so much better than I can ever explain or even illustrate in an hour or just one session.

When I started out in business for myself, I was a freelance journalist. I had been a financial journalist for about 6+ years in Australia and the UK. I was pretty good at what I did, among the best actually. I was fast and hunted hot stories. In my full time work I had to make a lot of calls to brokers, and company CEOs and other intimidating and busy people.

Yet when it came to call the newspaper editors and ask for work, basically to sell myself as a freelancer, I was sometimes paralyzed. By this I mean, I stood by the phone hardly able to breathe, anxiety pounding in my chest for quite some time before and after making that 2 minute call.

The paralysis did wear off once I got used to it. But the reason it was so much more intense to call the editors as a freelance journalist was that I was putting myself out there, not just representing the wire services and big news companies.

At times, it felt like me against the world. Like many new business owners, I often felt incredibly isolated. It was my own reputation, my skills, me that I was selling and the potential for them to say ‘no’ was a lot more personal than it had been when I was behind the face of corporation.

Since then, I have been on television to promote my own business. I have spoken to lots and lots of people (probably thousands) around the world to promote myself as a practitioner in meditation-based techniques. And I have written about 30,000 words in blogs about personal transformation, and how I can help people to dive into the sea of their own consciousness.

Even so, my ordinary mind often shouts at me that I could have also done a lot more. Speaking, writing, videos, taxes, a new website, refine my brand, and the list goes on. There is always more that you can do as a business owner to promote your business, to work in your business and even work on your business. And this drive to do more creates the energy of me against the world, the idea of being an island.

It is vulnerable to do something that always shows you where you are growing and where you are blocked. We are all in constant transition. This is absolutely evident as business owners. Running your own business is a job that reflects your stuff right back to you, in the moment, every day.

My trick is to find ways to do this business thing that are in alignment with who I really am, so that it feels good inside. To do it with others who support me in that goal.

When I am able to get centered and make business choices that feel good on the inside, the whole thing has so much more ease and flow. I shine and I notice that I attract the right clients. The people that I can help, the ones that I really love and who love me. The clients that want to dive into it, and appreciate this amazing set of skills that I have crafted over the years of intensive training.

Let me know at if you are interested in either of these events, when I am speakingĀ at the New Living Expo in San Mateo this coming weekend April 29, 30 and May 1st. And then at FemTalks in Novato on Friday and Saturday May 20/21. It would be great to see you there. I can send details and let you know when I am on the stage… so you can see me shine in my vulnerability and we can celebrate together what it is to get up and do it anyway!

Wishing you joy and self love


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