Imagine a world

Valla Beach with family, Dec 2015

Valla Beach with family, Dec 2015

Imagine a world….

Imagine a world with women and men leaders who are vulnerable and powerful, empathetic and self-aware, grounded and connected – leaders equipped to address the enormous challenges of complexity, volatility and increasing pace of change.”

– How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston from McKinsey in San Francisco.

The topics of vulnerability and power seem to be an oxymoron in common English language. I was just exploring the term oxymoron with my nephews Tully (12) and Max (15) in the car on the way out to the Never Never Creek, in the Promised Land in Bellingen Shire, NSW Australia. Tully and Max seemed perplexed about the term oxymoron. But we did get it sorted out.

Northern NSW in Australia, is where I am now – in paradise with my family. I am so happy to have such a beautiful way to let all the hard work of the year go into chaos, be rejuvenated and ready to begin 2016 on a positive note.

In the case of vulnerability and power, the term power can be equated to strength, and vulnerability to weakness according  their dictionary definitions. So how can they be used in the same description?

When talking about the power of vulnerability, (which is a term coined by Brene Brown) what I mean is that experience when someone is brave enough to be connected to the vulnerability of having a human heart, and make the tough decisions anyway. This is the strength of a leader.

On January 19th, 2016 – I will be presenting a meetup in the San Francisco Bay Area in Berkeley on the topic of authentic leadership. There will be a guest speaker, the lovely Tracey Stanton of Red Alchemy talking about her experiences in leadership running a meditation center in Berkeley and her own business in Singapore, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am really looking forward to diving into this topic with some of you. Particularly as I have a lot of juicy material to give you after running a 10-day meditation course for the Clairvision School in Australia where the emphasis was on opening, vulnerability and the topic was “The Sun Inside”.
I cannot wait to see some of you there, in just a few short weeks.

I hope that you are enjoying the holidays,

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